Step 1: Get Clear


Does this ever happen to you? -- You're at yet another networking event. Someone approaches and asks about your work.

You're doing your best to answer them, but you can tell you haven't hit the mark. (I don't know, maybe it was the glazed-over eyes? Or perhaps the quick exit to "check on something over there.")

At any rate, you head home with a bit of despair. Another "wasted opportunity." No prospects, but at least the salad was good!

If this kind of thing happens to you, if you struggle to fill your pipeline with strong, qualified leads, it's not your fault. It's just that no one has ever taught you how to speak (and write) persuasively about your vision.

No worries, I've got you covered.

Introducing the RAVE --

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Rave: A VIP-Messaging Day for Tongue-Tied Entrepreneurs


When it comes to talking about your business and offerings are you embarrassingly tongue-tied?

Are your outstanding offers sadly forgettable? Are your product and service names the equivalent of Tom, Dick, and Harry?

By now your reader is going “blah blah blah blah yawn yawn yawn.”

Here’s the thing, Sweet Cheeks:
You’re great at what you do, your shtick.
But naming and branding is a whole different skill set.

In other words if you can’t state what you do in a fun, concise way, please don’t take it personally.

It’s not your fault — we’re not supposed to be great at everything.

(Except eating cake. Everyone should be good at cake.)


Um, YUM!! Keep going for more Devotion Deliciousness!!

Um, YUM!! Keep going for more Devotion Deliciousness!!

Besides, what your clients really want from you is your beautiful brain, your beautiful PROCESS.

And, dammit . . .

I know it just isn't fair, but nobody is gonna take a second glance at your beautiful offer if your names and copy fizzle.

We just don't buy b-o-r-i-n-g even if what's inside the box is completely brilliant.

I get it. I am an entrepreneur, too. 

It just so happens that I am also really really great at naming stuff. And so I've created this special day for you to claim and name your beautiful genius.

‘Cause “nobody puts Baby in the corner” and your great ideas shouldn’t get lost there, either.

Here's the Deal-io!

1. A Few Days Before:

I send you a Background Dossier for you to complete so that I know what’s what about you, your beautiful story, your amazing vision, and other goodness.

2. You send it back to me at least 48-hours before our RAVE date -- cause I write all day long in my head and I want to get to work and be prepared for our session.

3. On the day of our RAVE, we connect from 9-10:30 ish so I can ask you to clarify this or that thing.

4. You go and have lunch with a friend, or sit on the deck and sip chai while I get to work.

5. We hop back on the line at about 1:30 ish for the initial preview. We review this or that. Nip. Tuck. And then I get back to work.

6. At about 4 or 5PM ish, we connect one last time for final review.

The End Results!

7. Then, I send you a Google Doc with all the sizzling goodness inside.

8. Plus, you get recordings of all our sessions.

9. And your done-for-you copy is ready to drop into your site so you can start selling.

Your Rave is like a Branding Bento Box, you get a little of everything you want and need!

Your RAVE is basically a Branding Bento Box -- yum! (image from

Your RAVE is basically a Branding Bento Box -- yum! (image from

What's on the menu, Jen?

So, here's the Dealio . . .

Book your "RAVE VIP Day" and let me do all the heavy lifting for you.

We spend one day together -- well, actually, I do most of the work and you sip chai. At the end of the day, you get a TON of ready-to-use copy that sizzles.

Pick 7 items from the menu that follows and that's what I'm gonna create for Beautiful You.

  • Website Overview and Feedback
  • Webinar Title & Outline
  • A Smokin' Tagline
  • Keynote Summaries for Speaking Gigs
  • Delicious "Ideal Client" Description
  • Review, Rework, and Rename Your Product and Service FUNnel
  • Your Job Title (There's a tough one!)
  • Your Bio, Only Snappy
  • Your Company Description
  • A 30-Second Intro that Feels Natural
  • Blog Post or Article Marketing Ideas
  • The Title for Your Next Book or e-Book
  • Have something else you want? Just ask!!

Are you ready to attract clients who RAVE ABOUT YOU???



Then Chillax, Cause Your Genius is about to unfold!!