Step 3: Change Lives


Work in Strategic Bursts


I don't believe in Strategic Plans.

They might be great for Coca-Cola, but, for the rest of us, for those of us with smaller reach, they simply don't work.

The market is too mercurial. Things change at the blink of an eye. Opportunities suddenly appear on the horizon.

You get lucky.

(Well, actually you position yourself to receive luck. More on that at another time.)

You need to stay agile. Nimble. 

Now, I'm going to say something opposite to what I just said. ('Cause life is full of contradictions.)

I don't believe in strategic plans. But I DO believe in Strategic Bursts.

These are smart, short, bursts of action. Aligned with your One True Dream.

  • We create them. (Together)
  • We take them. (Together)
  • Then, we take them apart and see what worked and what didn't. (Together)
  • Then, we create a new Strategic Burst. (Together)
  • And onward we go. (Together)

If you're truly ready to stop playing small, let's chat.

Then, buckle up, Buttercup.